Why did Carl Jung avoid meeting the famous Indian saint Ramana Maharshi?


Carl Jung visited India for the first time in the 1930s and met a lot of prominent people, but failed to meet Ramana Maharshi. People were shocked when they learnt that Jung had not met Ramana Maharshi. A few years later, Carl Jung wrote about his experiences in India and did not explicitly mention his regret of not meeting the enlightened Indian guru, but deep down he did feel that he might have missed a golden opportunity to meet a great man. Many have suggested that Carl Jung would not have been able to handle being in the presence of a man who knew himself. He could not have handled his science-based illusions of psychiatry and the mind shattered. Others have suggested that just spending time with him may have brought him to self-realisation, which is why he may have avoided the meeting altogether. Whatever the reason may have been, Jung would have realised that the study of the mind can only take you so far and the path of spiritual mysticism is the way.

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