Overcoming Soul Sickness with Carl Jung and Terence McKenna


What do we do when we feel purposeless? Where do we turn when the vital energy is sucked from life? As the bleak statistics of the mental health epidemic demonstrate, for many, there is no clear answer.
This disconnection from meaning and purpose, this depression of the soul, is devouring the psyche of millions. It's left us struggling to numb the pain through pathology, distraction, consumption and ego games. Of course, none of the above bring us any closer to the deeper purpose we seek. They may even leave us thirstier for something real than we were to begin with. So, in this transmission, we'll confront this 'soul sickness' through the wisdom of luminaries like Carl Jung, Terence McKenna, Dr. Lisa Miller, and more. We'll also riff on some ways we might even be able to overcome it.

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