Carl Jung - His Secret Masonic Lineage and Alchemical Studies


Carl Gustav Jung, the father of analytical psychology was one of the most influential psychologists of all time.

Throughout his life, Jung formulated numerous groundbreaking psychological concepts that have left an indelible mark on the field.

Among these are synchronicity, archetypal phenomena, the collective unconscious, psychological complexes, the personality traits of extraversion and introversion, and the process of individuation.

The son of a protestant, who refused to adhere completely to any religious doctrine, Jung studied throughout his life various religious traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Gnosticism, as well as esoteric traditions like Alchemy and Astrology.

But what inspired Jung to dedicate his entire life to this field and most importantly what gave birth to his profound fascination with alchemy and the esoteric arts? Was Carl Jung a Freemason?

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