Manly P. Hall, Dr. Carl Jung and the Flying Saucers - Audio Lecture

Rare audio recording of Manly P. Hall's lecture on Dr. Carl Jung's book about the flying saucer phenomenon. Recorded in Los Angeles on August 30, 1959.

Hall takes an interesting look at the phenomena, mainly from a psychological and religious viewpoint. He also connects the UFO sightings with the ESP experiments by Dr. J.B. Rhine from Duke University. For context, this talk was given during the early stages of the space race and Cold War with the USSR.

This lecture is available for download (mp3 file) for offline listening:

Original Title: "Flying Saucers: An Analysis of Jung's Recent Book"
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Please Note: The audio quality is rough at first, but clears up dramatically after about 6 minutes.
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Manly P. Hall
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