Who is Shiva? (Indian Civilization Series)


On the occasion of Mahashivratri know about the importance of Shiva. Continuities of the importance of Shiva in Vedic civilization and Indus Valley Civilization. Shiva Parvati relation with the Geography of India. Shiva Parvati relation is at the core of Indian Marriage.
Dr Ramachandran reveals the mysteries of Natraj and human wellbeing.
Cosmic Dance of Natraj. Relation between Natyashastra and Natraj as explained by Prof Radhavallbh Tripathi.

00:00 Shiva, Detachment and Yoga
00:51 Was Ancient India one of the richest countries?
01:50 How is Vairagya related to Yoga?
02:13 Did Yoga help Indian Civilization to survive the Internal & External Attacks?
03:16 How Shiva is related to Kaal, Time? How was time created?
04:12 How is Creation related to Shiva, Mahadev, Adiyogi?
04:46 Is Agni the Rudra form of Shiva? How did Agni, Energy help in the process of Creation?
05:19 The Tandav, Cosmic Dance of Adiyogi Shiva.
05:56 Shiva in Indus Valley and Pashupati Seal.
06:57 How is Human Civilization based on the institution of Marriage?
08:05 What was the purpose of Marriage in Ancient India?
09:01 Is the marriage of Shiva & Parvati an inspirational example in India?
09:57 How is the land of Bharat connected to the Union of Adiyogi Shiva & Parvati?
11:41 What is a Shiva Linga? How is it connected to the Cosmos?
13:46 How is the Shiva Linga related to Human body?
15:08 Is the Festival of Holi related to Kama Deva?
15:54 Was Natyashastra created to achieve Liberation?
16:46 How old is Natyashastra? Is it as old as Rigveda?
17:21 Who wrote Natyashastra? As explained by Prof radhavallabh Tripathi.
17:59 How did AdiYogi Shiva become Natraja?
18:39 Is Natyashastra a treatise of Yoga?
19:26 What is the purpose of Natyashastra?
20:19 Is liberation at the feet of Natraj, Adiyogi Shiva?
20:58 The explanation of the Chola Bronze Natraja, as explained by Dr Ramachandran

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