Rama, Krishna & Buddha: Invincible Warriors (Indian Civilization Series)


Know all about the Invincible Warriors Rama, Krishna & Buddha. Did Rama, Krishna & Buddha have to fight large wars?

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00:00 Who was Sita for Ancient Indians?
01:40 Who was Valmiki? The Story of Valmiki.
02:07 What Inspired Valmiki to write Ramayana?
03:57 Is Ramayana a story of Rama or a story of Sita?
04:58 Is Mother Earth a Goddess?
05:57 Is Ramayana the most sung story and the most played drama in the world?
06:59 Do Buddhist, Jains & Hindus all have their imprints on Ramayana?
07:31 Is Ramayana the story of Rama & Sita, or the story of the evolution of Human Mind?
08:17 Truth & Integrity in Indian Marriage
09:14 Is Human Civilization based on the Institution of Marriage? What was the purpose of marriage in Ancient India?
10:21 Shiva & Parvati, Rama & Sita the pinnacle of Married Life
11:16 Why did Al-Biruni called Indians Arrogant?
11:57 How Kings sacrifice their lives in Ancient India to keep their Promise?
13:13 What was the status of women in Ancient Civilizations?
13:42 Three basic attributes of this world.
14:11 Ramayana is an epic of Liberation, Moksha.
15:01 Who are Ram & Sita in the Samkhya Philosophy?
16:00 Why did Valmiki Meditate before writing Ramayana?
17:00 Rama, the personification of Dharma
18:35 The Chariot of Victory as described by Sri Rajeshwaranand ji
20:10 Rama, icon of One Statement, one wife & one arrow.
21:11 Why do Indians aspire for Rama Rajya?
21:35 Honesty of Ancient Indians
23:29 Meditation and War cannot be separated.
24:16 Yoga & War cannot be separated
24:40 The story of Nar & Narayana
25:12 Are Arjun & Krishna, the Nara & Narayan of Badrikashram.
25:55 3 types of weaknesses of Hindu males
27:21 Had Astrologers predicted defeat for the Pandava’s in the Mahabharat war?
28:17 What is Yoga Hatha?
29:15 Did Krishna scare Arjun or Liberate him?
29:56 Many Yogi’s do not believe in God & have been liberated.
30:44 Are trees our fellow travelers?
31:29 Trees are the companion of both Yoga & Bhog
31:57 Trees our companions for Liberation.
32:18 Buddha Meditated under a tree to achieve enlightenment.
34:10 Buddha & the Banyan tree, story of Mutual respect.

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