Ancient Indians: Health, Nature & Knowledge (Indian Civilization Series)


How has Yoga, Arts & Knowledge impacted Indian Civilization? Watch Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, Prof Dayanand Bhargav & Ramesh Thanvi to know more.

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00:00 Yogacharya BKS Iyengar on Asana & Pranayama
01:55 What is Asana?
02:15 How did Ancient Indians acquire Knowledge?
02:49 What is Nature, Prakriti?
03:19 Is Nature Prakriti, the source of Indian Culture?
03:57 How are Knowledge, Nature & Arts connected with Indian Culture?
04:59 What is the Golden Ratio? How is it connected to India?
06:03 How is the Golden ratio related to Nature?
06:42 How is the Golden Ratio related to Indian Music?
07:26 What is a Chanda? How is it connected to the Vedas?
08:31 How is Change seen in Indian Civilization & Culture?
10:35 Who is a Yogi?
11:05 Did medical instruments & medical procedure exist in Ancient India?
11:45 Is the Human body as defined by Yoga, Upanishads & Ayurveda the same?
12:17 Did Ancient Indians consider plants as living beings?
12:46 Did Ancient Indians consider food as a means of Wellbeing?
13:46 Was food considered a medicine by Ancient Indians
15:34 Is the human body a mini cosmos?
16:14 Why is it important to understand the Indian mind to understand Indian Knowledge?
17:18 How was the age of Earth calculated by Ancient Indians?
18:49 Ancient Indians used to connect themselves to the cosmos before beginning any work.
20:24 The concept of Time Dilation of Albert Einstein and Ancient India. Story of King Kukudami & his daughter Revati.
22:19 The date of Mahabharata War according to Aryabhata.
23:22 A new Ramayan & Mahabharat transpire in every time cycle.
24:28 Why did Shiva want to kill Brahma?
25:22 The Root cause of suffering is Desires in Sansara.
26:12 What is Agni?
26:58 Shiva in Samadhi
27:58 Were Ancient Indians more focused on Sensory Pleasures?
28:38 Yoga is the Supreme Power.

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