The First, Second, and Third Crusades: 1095-1192 | MEGA-COMPILATION DOCUMENTARY


By popular demand, here is a collection of all my full-length documentaries on the first crusades in a single mega-compilation documentary. As a bonus, the compilation starts with an all-new presentation on the background history of the Crusades period. Drawing on source material from Latin, Arabic, and Greek sources, we look at the history from all perspectives. The Crusades were one of the most significant and fascinating epochs of the medieval era. Involving a clashes and encounters of many kingdoms, cultures, and personalities, Crusades history plunges the student into some of the most riveting aspects of the medieval world. This compilation highlights the deeds of some of the period's biggest characters, like Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemond, Kilij Arslan, Zengi, Niklot, Saladin, Frederick Barbarossa, Richard the Lionheart and more!

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Written, edited and narrated by J Stephen Roberts
Maps and animations by Denys Rodionov, Dan Stan, and Dacio Gutierrez
Game footage: Attila Total War: Medieval Kingdoms 1212 Mod and Rome 2: Total War with Medieval 1100 Mod.

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