Sadhguru - Best Life Changing Videos (Shorts Compilation 2 Hour Long)


⏱ Chapters ⏱
0:00 Freedom
0:59 Horrible Way to Create a Society
1:54 It's Gone
2:16 Intelligence turning against you
2:52 Making a Living isn't a BIG Problem
3:50 People live and die without using their genius
4:45 Bloody Cheat
5:23 Sleeping Hours
6:04 Serious Mistake
6:53 When You're Not Doing Worthwhile
7:29 Overcome Depression
8:02 Dying
8:13 Be Grateful
9:05 Invest your life into something
10:03 Big decisions in life
11:02 Do you agree with this
11:46 Confidence
12:37 Anger
13:23 Healthy Life
14:22 Do THIS Every Night
15:19 Do It Well
15:43 Do you agree with this?
16:06 Do you agree?
16:28 Do you agree?
17:07 Loneliness
18:06 Don't try to do this
18:32 Your Future
19:00 Employment
19:28 Everything is Fabulous if You Do THIS
20:04 Feeling Uncomfortable
20:46 How Can the Mind Be Quiet
21:43 Bored When Achieving Your Goals
22:43 How Should Human Life Be
23:16 Create Maximum Impact in the World
24:13 Handle Criticism
25:11 Live a Significant Life
26:09 How Your Mind Should Be to Make it More Intelligent
27:01 How your passion can turn into poison
27:44 I Don't Want to Believe This is Happening
28:40 If you do the right thing, it'll work
29:39 If you made nothing out of it, you'd die miserably.
30:33 If You Want to Live Sensibly
31:33 Wake up Early in the Morning
32:27 Life is a combination of two things
33:12 Life is not a Race
34:09 Main Cause of Violence
34:56 Never look up to anybody, never look down on anybody
35:16 One of the simplest things about health
36:14 Only Joyful People Feel THIS Way
36:52 Fear of Being Judged
37:40 Fear of Suffering
38:34 Overcoming Fear
39:13 Peace won't happen anywhere
40:12 People always suffer from THIS
40:54 People Misunderstand This When it Comes to Life
41:24 What Causes Your Fear
42:22 Sadhguru Defines Himself in One Word
43:07 How Friends Can Turn into Enemies
43:37 Suppose it fails?
44:01 Why Do We Need a Guru
44:58 Dumbest Way to Approach Life
45:44 Miracles
46:34 Brutal Story from the Past
47:03 Checklist to Make Your Life Ecstatic
47:40 Intelligent Leadership
48:37 How Would You Change the World
49:29 Only then, human beings will live well
50:04 Accidental or a conscious person
50:49 Are you a great soup or a lousy
51:47 Destiny
52:43 Go all the way!
53:35 Have you made your choice
54:25 If you miss this, you’ll miss your whole life
55:16 It's slipping away!
56:05 Only thing is I...
56:38 That’s a bad thing
57:37 That’s not good food
58:31 That Means You're Stuck
59:31 The more you use it, the better it gets
01:00:30 There is no such thing as
01:01:25 No anger in the world
01:02:19 Most fantastic human beings
01:02:43 What'd you choose
01:03:32 Wonderful person
01:04:31 Process to Transform Your Life
01:05:17 Intelligent Way to Exist
01:06:14 Avoid this mistake
01:06:43 Do THIS to Relieve Stress
01:07:18 Don't Be in a Rush to Live
01:08:17 Fire of Devotion
01:09:17 Focusing in One Direction
01:10:15 Avoid Being Miserable in Life
01:10:44 Heal From Within
01:11:44 The Value of Life
01:12:21 Life is a Fabulous Phenomenon
01:13:21 Make Everyone Fall in Love with You
01:14:12 Making a Decision That You Won’t Regret Later
01:15:11 Nobody is with You
01:16:08 Pandemic
01:16:43 Prevent Someone From Driving You Towards Madness
01:17:40 Why You're Unhappy in Life
01:18:36 Getting Anything You Want in Life
01:19:25 Suffering
01:20:25 When Your BF/GF Cheats on You
01:21:24 College Student
01:22:07 You Must Be the First One to Get This
01:22:48 Sleep For 8 Hours a Day
01:23:46 Sickness Will Set in If You Do THIS
01:24:26 Exercise Everybody MUST Do
01:25:26 Past Horrible Situations in Life
01:26:21 Start Your Day with this Simple Thought
01:27:14 Stop Wasting Your Life, Looking for The Best Thing
01:28:14 Stop Wasting Your Life, Setting Up Expectations
01:29:14 The #1 Enemy in Your Life
01:29:34 The More Things Hurt You, The Wiser You Become
01:30:27 The more you know, the better it is
01:31:26 Nature of Your Intellect
01:32:15 Way to Transform Your Life
01:33:02 The Root of Violence
01:33:45 Constantly Upgrade Yourself
01:34:32 WAKE UP!
01:35:29 Your CHOICE!
01:36:13 Unfortunately, Most People Use Their Mind Like This
01:36:50 Use Your Intellect on Every Aspect of Life
01:37:32 Walk Alone
01:38:21 Live a Worthwhile Life
01:39:15 Bow Down to these Kind of Human Beings
01:39:41 What do we want from life
01:40:35 What Happens within You Must Happen Your Way
01:41:35 Purpose of life
01:42:29 What Kind of Life is THIS
01:43:16 Why Good People Suffer
01:44:16 WHY ONLY 1% SUCCEED
01:44:49 Why Romantic Relationships Get Bored
01:45:38 Why you shouldn't be confident
01:46:17 Will You Settle with Fulfillment
01:47:16 Live a Full Life
01:48:08 You Should Know THIS Already By the Time You're 16!
01:48:52 You vs. the Universe
01:49:51 You Won't Need an Alarm Bell After THIS
01:50:50 You'll be shining if you do THIS
01:51:01 You'll Look at Everything FRESH If You Do THIS
01:51:56 You're in Bad Company If You're Like THIS
01:52:12 Your Goals
01:52:47 Your Mind

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