Crusades were Destorted Materialistic Search for the Holy Grail By Rudolf Steiner

"April 16, 1921"
"Transition in the fourth century A.D. Nature of Greek culture, its tragedy. The Occident pushes the wisdom of ancient Greece and the Mithras cult back into the Orient. For the religious life of the northern nations, factual narration of the events of Palestine remains, also dogmas of the ecumenical councils necessary for strengthening of I. The wisdom of the Orient penetrates Europe in Arabism only as an intellectual culture. In some European souls, the mystery of bread and wine is revived and with it that of ancient astronomy and medicine. Its reality, concentrated in the Grail Mystery, hovers over Western world turned materialistic; it can only be discovered through inner questioning by the individual. Titurel. External crusades to Jerusalem are renewed materialistic distortion of this search."

From "Materialism and the task of Antroposophie"

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