The Science of Cymatics Documentary


#cymatics #soundtech #frequencyhealing #genesis An excellent 4 part documentary series recompiled for your viewing pleasure. Learn about the fascinating natural phenomenon and scientific field of Cymatics; the study of the effects of sound frequency on matter and form. Various sound frequencies produce corresponding geometric shapes and patterns, demonstrated through sand or liquid experiments. All physical matter, including every object in the room you're in now, resonates at its own specific frequency. When this frequency is produced and begins to resonate with the target object, it will shatter. By this means, everything from infections to cancerous tumors can be targeted with sound frequencies in order to remove them from the body. The stunning visuals produced by cymatic sound waves really begin to make you ponder on that famous line from Genesis, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Even Christian cathedrals all across Europe and Asia have cymatic geomatric patterns found among their stained glass windows. Many scholars and researchers have come to believe that the ancient Churches and Temples around the world were constructed with cymatics and accoustics in mind, potentially to induce sound healing as well inducing brainwave states associated with spiritual/religious experience. Even the ancient stone megalith site of Newgrange just outside of Dublin, Ireland, which was built thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids, was purposely designed not just with astronomical alignment in mind, but with perfect acoustics so that the druid at the center of the structure would enter into an out of body state from the musical chanting of the three other druids surrounding the 4th.

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