Resistance is Futile: Perennialism, Platonism, and Hegemony (2/2)


A two part lecture and discussion with Dan Attrell about the origins and implications of the prisca theologia and perennialism

00:00 Introduction
03:25 Recap
04:20 Pico della Mirandola
09:30 Two Yolks, One Egg
23:40 Pico della Mirandola, Heptaplus
26:50 Pico’s Jewish Teachers
34:52 Oratio: The Enemy’s Weapon
42:10 Pico’s Sefirot
1:04:35 “Mock Mysteries” in Heptaplus
1:18:18 Catholic and Protestant Criticisms of Perennialism
1:25:58 Prisca Theologia or Genealogy of Evil
1:29:27 Wouter Hanegraaff, Weyer
1:41:55 Jacob Brucker, On the Neoplatonists
1:52:50 Occultism, Esotericism and Perennialism
2:08:27 Theosophical, New Age and Pagan Perennialism as Anti-Christian
2:13:58 What Agrippa Would Have Replied (WAWHR)
2:19:38 Conclusion: Tolerance

Timestamps thanks again to @SeekersofUnity

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