Unveiled Mysteries "Godfré Ray King" (Audiobook 1-10)


"Unveiled Mysteries" describes an encounter between the author and St. Germain, an Ascended Master, virtually a God, who is able to manipulate the fabric of reality. The author, Guy Ballard, using the pen name "Godfré Ray King," describes a series of astral trips in time and space with St. Germain, to lost civilizations in South America and the Sahara, as well as well-stocked bunkers of the ancients in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Mount Shasta. The author and St. Germain revisit past lives as citizens of Atlantis and Mu, and they turn out to be relatives. A final chapter mentions encounters with entities from Venus.

0:04 Dedication
0:30 Editor's Note
2:25 Tribute
5:17 Foreword
16:22 The Ascension
18:07 Chapter I: Meeting the Master
1:13:00 Chapter II: The Sahara Desert
2:22:18 Chapter III: The Royal Teton
3:28:06 Chapter IV: Mysteries of the Yellowstone
3:57:24 Chapter V: Inca Memories
5:00:49 Chapter VI: Buried Cities of the Amazon
5:53:30 Chapter VII: The Secret Valley
6:24:57 Chapter VIII: God's Omnipresent Power
7:11:09 Chapter IX: Venus Visits the Royal Teton

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