Resistance is Futile: Perennialism, Platonism, and Hegemony (1/2)


A two part lecture and discussion with Dan Attrell about the origins and implications of the prisca theologia and perennialism

00:00 Introduction
02:22 Skepticism not Cynicism
06:25 The Latin West (15th Century)
07:45 Renaissance – ‘Age of Discovery’
12:03 Roots of Modern Western Perennialism
14:03 Defining Terms: Perennialism
20:00 Esotericism vs Exotericism
22:20 Criticisms against Perennialism
36:54 From Syncretism to Perennialism
47:05 Two Key Patterns in the Latin Polemical Tradition
53:46 Sketch of the Latin Polemical Tradition
57:08 Petrus Alfonsi and the Spiritual Understanding
1:00:00 Ficino’s Quest for Unity
1:03:15 What did Plethon Believe?
1:05:45 Polemical Roots of Perennialism
1:08:44 Ficino’s Prisca Theologia (Ancient Theology)
1:27:49 Ficino’s Logocentric Platonism
1:30:38 Ficino’s Polemical Sources
1:35:05 De Christiana religione: On the Spiritual Understanding
1:45:38 Continuing tomorrow…

timestamps thanks to @SeekersofUnity !

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