The Nature of Ayahuasca (2019) (Documentary)


A documentary exploring the use of Ayahuasca as a holistic medicine.

Ayahausca is a traditional plant medicine from the Amazon used to treat a variety of physical and psychology illnesses and conditions. This film explores the use of the Ayahausca as a holistic medicine, challenging stigmas around its use and helping people become more conscious and ethical consumers of the plant if that's the path they choose.

This documentary doesn't cover everything you need to be aware of if you are considering work with Ayahuasca. Please do your research.

Gavin Hoffman - Director, Cameraman, Writer, Producer, Animator, Editor, Soundman, etc, etc, etc
Liam Grant - Sound Design and Additional Music
Music - Lee Rosevere, Chris Zabriskie, Pipe Choir

Directors note: This note is to address the many comments about the obvious lack of female and indigenous representation in this documentary. I was at this retreat for my own personal development and happened to have my camera with me. Half way through the retreat I made a spontaneous decision to make this documentary during a conversation. I had never made a documentary before, I had never really thought about what goes into making a documentary and I was too caught up in my own process to really think about what I was doing at the time. I asked several people for interviews who all happened to be men and by the time I realized I hadn't asked any women it was too late. I also tried to get an interview with Don Rober but that didn't happen for several reasons. I made this documentary alone, with few resources and no budget and in the interesting in getting it finished in this lifetime I went with what I had and finish the film that I had committed to make. I did my best with what I had.
PS. If anyone is willing to translate the subtitles to any other languages please reach out to me!! Thanks so much

Best Cinematographer at the Indo-Global International Film Festival 2019
Documentary of Merit at the Impact Doc Awards July 2019
Finalist in Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival 2019
Finalist in Great Message International Film Festival 2019
Finalist in New York Cinematography Awards July 2019
Best Nature/Travel Film in the European Cinematography Awards Oct 2019
Finalist in PICASSO EINSTEIN BUDDHA International Film Festival 2019

7 Colors Lagoon Bacalar International Film Festival 2019
Prisma Independent Film Awards - 3rd monthly edition 2019
Cittadella Geo Film Festival Second Edition 2019
Down East Flick Fest 2019
Semi-Finalist in VISUALIS Film Festival 2019
Semi-Finalist in Catharsis Film Festival 2019
Dunedin International Film Festival 2019

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