Manly P. Hall: Self-Analysis - Lecture

Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Self-Analysis:
a lecture by Manly P. Hall

"I think we are all interested in self-help programs, ways in which we can improve our own understanding of ourselves and other people. These programs have led to a wide variety of systems, and a considerable literature, available to persons who wish to study the complex natures of their own minds and emotions.

One of the difficulties which has presented itself is the comparative inability of the individual to get a sufficiently separate look at himself, or herself, to make this type of information and this procedure essentially useful.

After all, we seek the remedy with the same faculties that caused the trouble. Our own attitudes, our basic concepts upon life and living problems, have in some way failed, or we are not in need of psychological assistance. With this failure, we must analyze the cause of failure in our own natures."

This talk was given in 1958 and is just as timely today. Mr. Hall again makes the case that all personal growth comes from within, and that most of the problems - both for the individual and the collective - arise from our own inner lives.

22:17 Listen to what Mr. Hall says about the rise in "patent medicine" after the Civil War and compare with the endless list of medicines we have available today.

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Manly P. Hall
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