Manly P. Hall Easter Lecture 1965: Christ as an Archetypal Symbol of Man's Spiritual Maturity

55 years ago, Manly Hall gave this Easter Lecture in Los Angeles and the words ring true today. May we all find the peace, security and love among one another throughout the year.
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Transcript toward the end:
So as we approach this particular occasion, as we stand in the midst of a symbol of universal restoration, we realize that nature gives life, that nature wants life, that nature wants things to grow and fulfill their destinies and when they grow properly, they grow beautifully. And out of this fulfillment comes the glory of the world as we see it, the glory of the great universe, adorned as a bride, a wonderful, magnificent restoration of life from darkness. This is nature’s way and it would like also to see the restoration of human life through the rise of the sun of righteousness at the equinox of the soul.

So out of this whole theory, out of this whole concept, we know that by ages of remembering through the great traditional descent through the experience of man, we have these radiant images of true nobility, of absolute integrity, of unselfish and eternal love for man. These images of those we have love loved are themselves most lovable. And from these images we gain a certain prick of conscience, a certain insistence in ourselves that we should be more like them.

That actually it is better to be lovable than it is to be great; that it is better to hold the simple admiration of children than it is to be a ruler of empire. There are values, not only for here but forever, and these values of beauty belong to foreverness. And little by little, we must come to the creation within ourselves of the image of a true maturity for our kind, and the only way we can do this is to choose the most advanced examples of our kind to build upon. If we live every day according to the best that has been lived, if we live each day serving as nobly as the wisest and the most loving servants of men have served, we shall be moving victoriously and beautifully in the right direction. And we shall know as a personal experience of consciousness, the resurrection of beauty and of truth and love within ourselves. And whenever this occurs, on any day of the year, in any year of our lives, day or night, for each of us, that moment is Easter morn.

Manly P. Hall
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