Manly P. Hall: The Self Against the World: *Unreleased Lecture*

"Against fear, evidence is powerless because fear, by its very nature, is irrational."

Throughout his career, Manly Hall addressed the current needs of people and how to solve the various problems of daily living. This lecture explores how personal feelings of fear, insecurity, gossip and social prejudice can lead one to believe the world is against them.

However, Mr. Hall suggests that it is WE who are out of harmony with (or against) the world, not the other way around. Although these words were spoken 60 years ago, they are just as relevant for developing a personal philosophy of life today.

Full title: "The Self Against the World: An Analysis of a Popular Delusion", this lecture was delivered in Los Angeles on June 28, 1959.
Manly P. Hall
self help, anxiety, fear
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