Dr Joseph Murphy - You Can Control Your Fears


Fear is the cause of great misery, and untold suffering and fear come to all of us. Many are afraid of the future, old age, insecurity, some illness or incurable condition, or the verdict of the doctors. Many are full of fear regarding their families, newspaper reports and the media in general, all of which project fear propaganda of all kinds. Fear of nuclear warfare, inflation and crime disturbs the masses. Great numbers of individuals are afraid of death and loneliness in their old age. There are countless thousands who face death with equanimity and serenity, because they know that there is no death, only life, and that they will live forever in the many mansions (dimensions) of our Father’s house. There is a limitless catalogue of fears that afflict the human mind. The answer to all fear is to turn to the God-Presence within. Faith in God casts out fear…. Fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love (I John 4:18).

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