Dr. Joseph Murphy - The Magic Of Self Confidence


You are unique; there is no one in all the world like you, because you are you.

Your thumbprint and toe print are different and the rhythm of your heart and the secretions of your glands are different from those of any other person.

Infinite differentiation is the law of life.

Your thoughts, your attitude toward life, and your belief and convictions undoubtedly are different from others.

You were born with certain endowments, talents, abilities and special inherent gifts.

You are here to express more and more of the God-Presence and to experience the joy of living the life more abundant.

You are uniquely equipped to express life in a way and manner that no one else in all the world can do. You want to be what you want to be, you want to do what you love to do, and you want to have all the good things of life.

You can achieve all these goals in life because you are endowed with the qualities and faculties of imagination, thought, reason and the power to choose and act.

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