Dr Joseph Murphy - Why Did This Happen To Me?


When life does not go as planned, when misfortune strikes, when one is unhappy with the cards one is dealt, we often hear the complaint, “Why did this happen to me?” There is no easy answer to this universal question.

To accept the trials and tribulations all humankind faces, it is necessary to think God’s thoughts, to think in a new way, to think of eternal verities, to think of eternal principles of life in the same manner that mathematicians would think from the principle of mathematics, navigators would think from the principle of navigation, chemists would think from the principle of chemistry, electricians would think from the principle of electricity. They know it moves from a higher to a lower potential. They learn the laws of conductivity and insulation for wiring your house.

Likewise, your mind is a principle. Therefore, you think from the God center within. You think on whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are honest and of good report; think on these things.

You are thinking only when you are thinking from the standpoint of the God center within. There is a principle of harmony, not of discord; there is a principle of beauty, not ugliness; there is a principle of joy, none of sadness; there is a principle of love, not of hate; there is a principle of wholeness, perfection; there is no principle of sickness. If there were no one in the entire world could ever be healed.

Realize, therefore, that when your thoughts are completely free from fear and worry. You are thinking from the standpoint of the Divine center within you; and God speaks, thinks and acts through you. Therefore, you speak in words of wisdom, truth and beauty; words of harmony, health and peace. You think, therefore, from the God center within. Many people do not think.

Millions do not think; they think that they think, but they are mistaken. Because true thinking (we are talking about constructive thinking) is completely free from fear. All fear is based upon externals are causative. Externals are an effect, not a cause. Therefore, you must remember that if we do not think for ourselves, someone else will do our thinking for us. If you do not choose your own mood, who’s going to choose it for you? Newspapers? headlines? the mass mind? We are all subjective. We’re all in the mass mind. We’re all in telepathic communication with each other. The people in this world are all extensions of ourselves.

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