Anthroposophy and Mobile Concepts By Rudolf Steiner

(June 05, 1917)

"The necessity not only for different, but for more mobile concepts.
Goethe's greatest contribution was his ability to bring movement into concepts. The concepts of spiritual science are not only new but of necessity mobile. The experience of God the Father is bound up with the growing, thriving forces of the body. When the bodily forces began to decline in ancient times man could experience the spirit of the cosmos, later known as the Christ, because his soul and spirit were still dependent on the body in mature age. As the age of mankind receded, so did the experience of the cosmic Christ. To be an atheist is an illness, to deny the Christ a tragic destiny, not to recognize the spirit is blindness of soul."

From "A collection of 8 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner given between May and July of 1917. (CW 176)"

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