Rudolf Steiner - Anthroposophy as Cosmosophy


October 07, 1921

From "Cosmosophy volume 1 1921, a set of 11 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner (CW 207)"

"Anthroposophy as cosmosophy; the spirit of the human being and life after death; coloring the mineral consciousness by moral feeling; the relationship of the human being to angel and archangel (folk-spirit); appearance of plant consciousness in the Midnight Hour of Existence; descent through animal consciousness in the realm of the archai; the Zodiac; the human being as the experienced environment; entrance into the planetary spheres; the soul-permeation of the animal organization; the significance of the soul-spiritual environment; self-knowledge and world-knowledge."

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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