Rudolf Steiner - The Inner Configuration of Karma, Reading World Script, Ten Aristotelian Concepts


(May 11, 1924)

"The inner configuration of karma. The shaping of karma is connected with the primeval Teachers of humanity who now have their dwelling-place in the Moon. The magic power of these Moon Beings. The pictures of man's deeds in the ‘negative’. The strong impressions of life in the soul-world on the backward journey after death. In the region of the Moon Beings the pictures of earthly experiences are imbued with cosmic substance. Reading the World-Script in the light of the ten Aristotelian concepts. Observation of the backward journey after death of two individualities: the prototype of Strader in the Mystery Plays, and Jacob Frohschammer. The transformation of man's being after death in a sphere of reality utterly different from earthly reality. The seed of karma and the ‘negatives’ inscribed into the cosmic ether are received into the earthly will when the individual returns to incarnation."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 2 (CW 236)."

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