Why AI Is So Dangerous & How It Could Destroy Humanity (Mo Gawdat)


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After reading Mo Gawdat’s book, Scary Smart, I knew right away this conversation was a must. As I think about AI’s capabilities – the good, the bad and possibly terrifying, I realize how serious this moment is in history for humanity.

Mo Gawdat is the former chief business officer for Google X and has built a monumental career in the tech industry working with the biggest names to reshape and reimagine the world as we know it. From IBM to Microsoft, Mo has lived at the cutting edge of technology and has taken a strong stance that AI is a bigger threat to humanity than global warming.

The AI dilemma is reshaping our future whether you’re in favor of it or not. The question is, are we even close to being prepared for humanity’s collision with artificial intelligence?

Strap in for the ride, we’re diving headfirst into this conversation and uncovering the alarming truth about how vulnerable we actually are and what that means for the next decade ahead.


“It really is about a point of no return. Where if we cross that point of no return we have very little chance to bring the genie back into the bottle.”

“There is no shutting down AI, there is no reversing it, there is no stopping development of it.”

“We’ve never created a nuclear weapon that can create nuclear weapons.”

“The growth on the next chip in your phone is going to be a million times more than the computer that put people on the moon.”

“When we ask computers to communicate, at first they communicate like we tell them, but if they're intelligent enough, they'll start to say, ‘that's too slow.’”

“One of our better scenarios, believe it or not, is that AI ignores us altogether.”

“Technology today can influence one human at a time.”

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