The Anunnaki Movie ~ The Mysterious Origins of Humanity


Welcome to The Anunnaki Movie! This is a special edition of The Sumerian Epic which combines Episodes 4 through 7 of the Sumerian Epic into a 2+ hour movie! Along with an additional 15 minutes of bonus footage never before seen in the original episodes!

The film continues the exploration of the Sumerian Mythology, and the curious interpretations around them concerning the Anunnaki, and the legends of human origin. Even more curious, how these ancient Sumerian and Babylonian myths made their way into the modern world today, in the form of the Bible. Could the "God" of Genesis actually be describing an Anunnaki from an even older Sumerian Myth?

Along with all of our research, we have also shared several clips from Gaia's Ancient Civilizations - featuring interviews with Gregg Braden and Graham Hancock, that share groundbreaking discoveries that are being made right now, lending evidence to this theory! Ancient Civilizations is now streaming on Gaia. Watch two full seasons where we delve deeper into the forgotten codes hidden throughout ancient mythology and history. Explore ancient sites, such as Baalbek, Stonehenge and the American Southwest, to unlock new understanding of humanity’s origins. Start your FREE trial and

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