Greed is NOT the Problem with Humanity - This is...

Want to deepen your understanding of reality during your spiritual awakening? In this video I cover the #1 misconception all humanity shares and discuss what the real problem with humanity is.

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Greed is an attribute of usurpation and we have established that usurpation belongs to the thoughtform of Nonbeing. We all have the capacity within us to be greedy, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. All of us embody certain ratios for the affinity of being and for the affinity of Nonbeing. Human nature is a mixed bag. We are by no means one dimensional, we carry all the colors of this rainbow and all of the different pathways of creation call to us, even though we do have certain affinities. For instance, empaths have an affinity with being, since they can heavily feel their connection to all of life even though they still hold a ratio of Nonbeing. So we contain all of the macrocosm within us, but if we are conscious of this fact then. We can also
consciously choose what influences to align with.

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The Alchemist
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