What is the Philosophers Stone? Introduction to Alchemy (Esoterica)


The Philosophers' Stone of Alchemy is truly the stuff of legend. It is said to have the power to transmute lead to gold, heal sickness, prolong life - even allow one to speak with angels. But what is the origin and nature of this marvelous alchemical stone? How was it produced? In this episode, I explore the origins, history and the process by which the stone of the philosophers is said to be produced.

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Recommended Readings

Linden, Stanton J. (ed.) The Alchemy Reader: From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton. 978-0521796620. Nicely edited collection of alchemical primary texts.
Moran, Bruce. Distilling Knowledge: Alchemy, Chemistry, and the Scientific Revolution. 978-0674022492. Great text on the transition from alchemy to chemistry.
Principe, Lawrence. The Secrets of Alchemy. 978-0226103792. An up-to-date history of alchemy.
Newman, William. Newton the Alchemist: Science, Enigma, and the Quest for Nature's "Secret Fire" 978-0691174877. Cutting edge research on alchemy in the 17th century.
Roob, Alexander(ed.) Alchemy & Mysticism. 978-3836549363. A collection of alchemical imagery and symbolism, also a nice coffee table book!

Anything by Principe and Newman generally

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