The Demonology of King James, the Witch Plot & Witchcraft Trials that Inspired It (Esoterica)


Torture is said to have revealed an international plot by Witches to assassinate both King James and his bride in 1590. What followed was a series of witchcraft prosecutions stretching from Copenhagen to Edinburgh in which James VI of Scotland personally sought to root out and destroy witchcraft and necromancy in his realm. These dreadful trials inspired his 1597 Daemonologie, detailing the reality, nature, activity and means to detect and punish witches and sorcerers along with a protestant analysis of the array of diabolical forces, the spirits and devils who take the forms of ghosts and fairies with whom witches and necromancers commune. Join me for this exploration and, as a collaboration with @AtunSheiFilms , enjoy his annotated visual presentation of the 1597 Daemonologie itself in Original Pronunciation! See you Friday or for Early Access on my Patreon!

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Normand - Witchcraft in Early Modern Scotland: James VI's Demonology and the North Berwick Witches - 978-0859893886

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