The Lesser Key of Solomon - Early History of Solomonic Magic and Goetia (Esoterica)


Solomon has been associated with both exoteric and esoteric wisdom - especially magic and control of demons - for millennia. This Episode of Esoterica explores the history of Solomonic magic and the it's most famous expression in the Lemegeton or The Lesser Key of Solomon. We will deep dive into the history of Solomon as a sorcerer, the development of Solomonic Magic, and the composition and structure of the major parts of the Lesser Key, especially the infamous book of demonic conjuring the Goetia.

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Recommended Reading:

Elizabeth M. Butler - Ritual Magic - 978-0271018461 - Best academic study of Solomonic magic, though getting a bit dated
Joseph H. Peterson - The Lesser Key of Solomon - 978-1578632206 - Best edition of the text though Skinner and Rankine's Goetia of Dr. Rudd - 978-0738723556 - has an excellent introduction, well-worth close study

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