Ancient Cosmic Christianity and King Arthur's Round Table by Rudolf Steiner

(September 10, 1924)

"The inner motives of world-history and life cannot be understood unless our gaze is turned to that spiritual background which underlies the outer, physical happenings. The results of former civilisation-epochs are carried into later ones by the personalities of history and are changed in the process. By studying the external aspect we may not immediately recognise these impulses in their new form; they must be perceived as a deeply inward stream. Haroun al Raschid and his counsellor. Arabism penetrates into the culture and civilisation of Europe. The individualities of Alexander and Aristotle go forward with the evolution of Christianity. The 8th Ocumenical Council as the earthly projection of a spiritual event. Ancient Cosmic Christianity and King Arthur's Round Table. Arnold Böcklin. The School of Chartres. Brunetto Latini. Preparation of the Michael stream."

From "Karmic Relationships Vol. 4 (CW 238)"

(Titles of individual videos in general not titles given by Rudolf Steiner)


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