Dr. David Berlinski - In Conversation with (2019) - Materialism, Darwinism, Artificial Intelligence


We join the famous author and academic, Dr. David Berlinski, in his Paris home to discuss materialism, God, the origin of language, morality, and more. An enjoyable conversation with this scintillating intellect.

Dr Berlinski is the author of 'The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions' (2009) as well as a host of other book on mathematics, science and history. He is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute's Centre for Science and Culture, and as an Editor of the online scientific journal 'Inference Review'. He has written and spoken widely on the supposed conflict between science and religion, including a debate with the late Christopher Hitchens.

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0:00 Intro
1:16  Berlinski's background
2:17  Does Materialism makes sense? 
3:47   What are the Laws of Nature
10:01  What is consciousness? 
15:47  Is Artificial Intelligence a threat? 
19:36  Is Darwinian Evolution on its way out? 
23:28  How did language originate? 
35:03  Does religion poison human morality? 
37:35  Can science teach us morality? 
40:49  How influential has New Atheism been? 
41:24  Spiritual but not religious/ are we just bodies? 
42:52  Can religious ideas make a comeback in the west?

Rational Religion: Making Sense of Spirituality



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