Sonic Geometry with Eric Rankin


Discover the fascinating link between geometry, music, and ancient civilizations as
Eric Rankin shares his original research and story of findings with powerful visual images.


Eric Rankin's "Sonic Geometry" videos present his original research and findings. He has been featured on Gaia TV, History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” and radio, television and podcast interviews all over the world. Eric is a featured speaker at conventions such as Contact in the Desert, Portal to Ascension, and Star Knowledge. He is a lecturer at the world-famous Integratron in California’s the Mojave Desert. He currently sits on panels with some of today’s most renowned researchers in physics, mathematics, human origins, and extraterrestrial contact. Eric Rankin is the author of the book The Aquarians: An Ancient Mayan Prophecy A Modern Phenomenon, a story inspired by research about dolphin echolocation.

Eric's Book:

00:00​​​ - 01:05​​ Damien Minna Introduces Eric Rankin
01:06​​​ - 1:09​​​ 13 Rankin's Presentation with Slides
01:09:14 - 01:27:45 Q&A with Eric Rankin
01:27:46 - 1:28:38 Final Comments

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