If You Want to See How Deep the Mind Can Go, Watch This (Eric Weinstein on Conversations with Tom)


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Sometimes a “learning disability” turns out to be a superpower. Sometimes traits that are labelled dumb or defective turn out to be necessary and brilliant. Eric Weinstein is someone who was told throughout his schooling that there was something wrong with him. No. There was (and is) something wrong with the system. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Eric Weinstein delves into exactly what’s wrong with our education and economic system. While doing so, he also delivers some fantastic tactics and secrets on how to optimize your own learning and mindset. By the time Tom and Eric are finished with their discussion, you might start to consider the possibility that the Matrix really was a documentary after all.

Check out Eric's Podcast, The Portal on:
Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2T8Bdx2
YouTube: http://bit.ly/2TjuXmj
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/39R03at


Eric and Tom discuss the Matrix [1:17]
Eric talks about how people literally see different colors [5:54]
Eric discusses altered consciousness and mind states [8:10]
Eric and Tom discuss spending time closer to a state of nature [10:23]
Eric talks about how technology has changed his attention span [14:12]
Eric discusses his goal of giving people the superpower of extraordinary learning [16:08]
Eric talks about teaching disabilities and the failures of the education system [23:31]
Eric explains how to eliminate the errors you make [25:58]
Eric and Tom discuss learning to play guitar [29:33]
Eric and Tom discuss using violent language [33:13]
Eric talks about balancing rationality and archetypal spirituality [35:23]
Tom and Eric discuss making a “steel man” argument [40:53]
Eric explains that the guitar itself is born out of impurity [45:44]
Tom and Eric talk about the math and physics inherent in music [49:34]
Eric talks about how his learning disabilities forced him to find new ways to learn [56:02]
Yo-Yo Ma never won any competitions as a youth [1:01:38]
Do not over-medicate your kids. They can learn anything. [1:05:11]
Eric explains how to teach music in a completely alternate way [1:06:23]
Eric and Tom discuss the education system and why it fails [1:11:42]
“My PhD belongs to every learning disabled family in the country.” [1:15:51]
The kid you put in the dumby pile might have some superpowers [1:20:51]
Tom discusses a billion wicked thoughts and sexual desire [1:25:05]
Eric talks about how technology and economics have changed sexuality and family [1:31:18]
Tom and Eric discuss economic growth and the lack of wage growth [1:39:48]
Eric explains why people are not excited about their economic future [1:44:45]
Eric ends by returning to the parable of the Matrix [1:53:00]


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