Sonic Geometry with Eric Rankin


Author of "The Aquarians"
Founder of Awakening Code Radio, Laguna Beach
Creator of a three part series of Sonic Geometry on Youtube
Guest on Ancient Aliens

"My Sonic Geometry Story, Part 1...
It was during this week ten years ago that I got a "download" that would forever change the course of my life, given a landslide of information regarding frequency, geometry and ancient wisdom that I came to call "Sonic Geometry." It all came through in less than an hour and I truly thought I was either losing my mind or looking at the secrets of the universe.... Maybe it was a little of both! " Eric Rankin.

A great intro to Eric's work and touching on some fascinating topics about frequency and form. I've known Eric for 10 years now and met him towards the beginning of his podcast Awakening Code Radio. I had the honor of joining him at the Integratron in Joshua Tree, CA for Sonic Geometry, the dolphin boat frequency trip near Laguna Beach, and his Bimini retreat where we swam with wild spotted dolphins.

This week, I'm dropping in with my dear friend Eric Steven Rankin who has a vast library of knowledge & star wisdom to share. He is the visionary author of The Aquarians and is about to release his new book: “As Above, So Below The Quantum Teachings of Jesus.” Eric is the Founder of Awakening Code Radio in Laguna Beach sharing hundreds of episodes to help awaken humanity. He's been a guest on Ancient Aliens sharing his profound experiences & insights, so definitely check that out. He created an incredible series called Sonic Geometry, The Language of Frequency & Form which is so fascinating:
Stay tuned for the link just in time for 8/8/2022, this information will help you step into your power. If you'd like to submit a question for us to discuss, please comment below.

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