Neville Goddard - Lecture Series, Volume 6 (Playlist)


The Neville Goddard Lecture Series will be presented in a 12-volume set, 25 lectures per volume. This volume, Volume VI, contains the following lectures:


Order Your Conversations Aright, Paul's Autobiography, Paul's Prayer Interpreted, Perception, Persistent Assumption (March1968), Persistent Assumption (June1968), Power and Wisdom, Power Called "The Law", Power, Predestined Glory, Pre-Existence, Proof, the Law Works, Prophetic Blueprints, Prophetic Sketches (1967), Prophetic Sketches (1968), The Pure in Heart, Reconciliation, Redemption, Release Barabbas And Crucify Jesus, Revealed Truth, Revelation of Purpose, Salvation History - Not Secular, Salvation History, Secret of Imagination, and Seedtime and Harvest.

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