Neville Goddard - Lecture Series, Volume 2 (Playlist)


The Neville Goddard Lecture Series will be presented in a 12 Volume Set, 25 lectures per volume. This volume, volume II contains the following lectures: Behold the Dreamer Cometh, Believe in Him, Believe It In, Biblical Language, Blake on Religion, Brazen Impudence, Building Your Temple, By Water and By Blood, Catch the Mood, Changing the Feeling of "I", Christ Bears Our Sins, Christ in Man, Christ in You, Christ Is Your Life, Christ Unveiled, Christmas - Man's Birth as God, Come, O Blessed, Conception, Imagination Creates Reality / Case Histories, Consigned to Disobedience, Control Your Inner Conversations, Creation - Faith, Divine Signs, Election and Change of Consciousness, Enter the Dream

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