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No. 2: Astrology and Universal Cosmogony

Astro-Theology, according to Manly P. Hall, is the archetypal root source for all the religions throughout history. Astrology, Mythology, Astronomy, Cosmogony and various scientific theories are explored to unwrap the mysterious wisdom of the planets and symbolic patterns in the night sky, which were held in such regard by the ancient philosophers and seers.

This is a very interesting and important series that any serious student of wisdom would want to study. Mr. Hall's take on this subject is geared to a contemporary audience, and for any individual who wants to apply these principles to their daily lives in a meaningful and practical way.

A preserved audio tape of this lecture series has been acquired and digitized, bringing a much better and listenable recording to enjoy. We thank your for your support:

Astro-Theology: 5-part Seminar by Manly P. Hall

Nov. 13, 1957
No. 1: How Astrology Has Influenced the Religions of Mankind. The Zodiac and the Great Platonic Year

Nov. 20, 1957 (this one)
No. 2: Astrology and Universal Cosmogony

Nov. 27, 1957
No. 3: The Planets and the Ancient Gods

Dec. 4, 1957
No. 4: The Solar Symbol of the Messiah

Dec. 11, 1957
No. 5: The Journey of the Human Soul Through the Astrological Cycles

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