Valentinian Gnosticism - The Earliest Systematic Philosophy & Theology of Christianity


Valentinian Gnosticism was the first truly systematic attempt at Christian Theology, Philosophy and Mythology. Despite this, the system and church of Valentinian Christianity was derided as 'heresy' by later members of the proto-orthodoxy. Since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts we now have scriptures from this early Christian movement. What did the Valentinians believe? What made them "Gnostic?" What are some of the differences between Western and Eastern Valentinian Gnosticism?

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Recommended Readings:

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Smith - Valentinian Christianity - 978-0520297463
Thomassen - The Spiritual Seed - 978-9004148024
Meyer, etc. - The Nag Hammadi Scriptures - 9780061626005
Ante-Nicene Fathers - (especially Irenaeus) -

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