Mysticism - Hadewijch - The Theology and Writings of the Beguine Mystic of Loving the Divine Abyss


God is an Abyss of Love only ultimately discovered through Insanity, Abjection and Radical Un-Faith - This is the startling mystical theology of the 13th century Beguine Mystic Hadewijch. While her life remains mysterious, her complete works seem to come down to us virtually intact despite going virtually unstudied for nearly 800 years. In her Visons, Letters and Poetry we are witness to one of the most innovative and shocking mystical insights into esoteric Christianity to emerge from the middle ages - that reality is fundamentally Divine Love approached through a desire more intense and torturing than Hell itself. Hadewijch's writings remain some of the most daring, even alarming but also systematic and curated in the history of Christian mysticism. I hope you can join me as we divine into the mystical thought of this amazing medieval woman.

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Ay, minne, ware ic minne
Ende met minnen minne u minne!
Ay, minne, om minne ghevet dat minne
Die minne al minne volkinne.

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