Measure, Number, Weight By Rudolf Steiner

Measure, number, weight: examples of the loss of self and reality in a humanity on the way to abstraction. Well into the second post-Atlantean epoch, numbers were still experienced as qualities possessing living being, received from cosmic totality by the astral body and imprinted into etheric body. In third post-Atlantean epoch, measure was experienced as the force proceeding from etheric body that forms the physical body according to cosmic relationships; until the first, weight was sensed as primal experience between I and astral body, perceptible to mankind as condition of balance between being fettered to earth and soaring upward. Last remaining aftereffects of these qualities only in art.

From "Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy (CW 204)"

(Titles of each videos are NOT actual titles given by Rudolf Steiner)

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