Manly P. Hall Seminar: Pythagorean Theory of Number 5: The Symbolism of Numbers

(Restored Audio)
Manly P. Hall: Seminar Series - The Pythagorean Theory of Number
Lecture 5: The Symbolism of Numbers.
Originally recorded on February 17, 1956 in Los Angeles.

Although this is the 5th and final lecture in this seminar on Pythagoras and Number Theory, we feel it should be listened to first, as it is very clear and outlines some of the more deeper and challenging concepts in this series.

0:00 Introduction
7:55 Number 1: Monad (keyword: Identity)
9:50 Number 2: Duad (Dissimilarity)
14:16 Number 3: Triad (Wisdom) - moderation between extremes
19:35 Number 4: Tetrad (Intellect)
29:55 Number 5: Pentad (Equilibrium) balance of forces
39:25 Number 6: Hextad (Harmony)
54:02 Number 7: Heptad (Law)
1:07:33 Number 8: Octad (Love)
1:27:54 Number 9: Ennead (Limitation)
1:40:30 Number 10: Decad (Faith)
1:50:43 Numbers beyond 10 (Gematria, Kabbalah)

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Series Lectures:
1. The Basic Philosophy of Numeration and Number
2. The Tetractys and the Motion of Number
3. The 47th or Pythagorean Proposition
4. The Human Soul and Archetypal Number
5. The Symbolism of Numbers

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