Manly P. Hall Seminar: Pythagorean Theory of Number 2: The Tetractys and Motion of Number

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Manly P. Hall: Seminar Series - The Pythagorean Theory of Number
Lecture 2: The Tetractys and the Motion of Number.
Originally recorded on January 27, 1956 in Los Angeles.

In this lecture, Mr. Hall continues with part two on the series on Pythagoras and his Theory of Number.

Any number of separate parts, when brought together, create a new unity.
Example: When 6 separate sticks are brought together, we no longer consider or see them as six separate items, but we created the term, ‘six’, as a new compound symbolic definition. And this ‘six’ was a unit or unity, of six parts.
The ‘Numerated Soul’ is that mysterious intangible, which comes in to ensoul or totalize groups of parts. Thus, the six single sticks are really separate things, but the concept of ‘six’ is possible because of the numerative soul of the world, which creates out of all separate parts an indissolvable compound. It then ensouls this compound totally, bestowing unity.

Diversity is an artificial condition, which is not permanent nor real, but only apparent. Whereas unity is a natural and eternal condition, real though not apparent. But through the philosophical study of numbers, the reality of unity can be mathematically demonstrated, and the unreality of diversity can be mathematically demonstrated. And in this way, appeal to certain minds so constituted that they are naturally inclined to accept upon this level.

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2. The Tetractys and the Motion of Number - (this one)
3. The 47th or Pythagorean Proposition
4. The Human Soul and Archetypal Number
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