Manly P. Hall - The Soul Image as the Immortal Friend *Unreleased*

From the archives, this lecture from 1957 turns to one's own inner life for guidance, wisdom and companionship. Throughout time, many have written about an internal guide, or 'daimon' such as Socrates' who he named Diotima. This inner advisor is part of our total being, although distinctly different than our personal ego consciousness aspect. There has been much speculation whether or not Manly Hall had such an inner guide, and although there is little evidence he spoke directly about that, one could infer from the many times he spoke about this subject that he had some personal connection so such a spirit.

57:07 Pressures that keep the Soul locked...

Originally recorded Sunday, March 24th, 1957 in Los Angeles. This lecture audio has never been been made publicly available until now. We thank our members for making this possible, and please consider donating to support this work. You are a member of the Society and together, we can make not just the old recordings, but the heart of his teachings accessible to a world that could use such calm and deep wisdom, by each of us living these principles in our own daily lives.
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Manly P. Hall
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