Manly P. Hall: The Human Soul

Originally recorded on July 15, 1956 in Los Angeles, this Manly Hall lecture takes an ancient and contemporary look at the Human Soul. The Inner Life of humankind is one of the most mysterious aspects of life, and the world's greatest thinkers have been observing and studying this since the beginning of time.

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One of the persistent questions is whether or not we are a body with a soul, or a soul that has a body. Was the soul pre-existing and then entered an otherwise empty body? Is the soul eternal and therefore survives death, perhaps many times?

While many of these questions are difficult to solve, Mr. Hall makes clear that there is a difference between our objective (body) lives and our subjective experiences (psyche, soul, inner life), even as we experience both at the same time.

42:15 Mr. Hall speaks about the triad nature of the human being: spirit, soul and body. This theme is often repeated throughout his career in the Platonic notion of
The One
The Beautiful
and The Good

UPDATE: as of Sept. 20, 2021, corrected subtitles have been uploaded - CC
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Manly P. Hall
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