Manly P. Hall: The Seven Sacraments and Psychotherapy (1958)

"What we have always tried to do, is to bring the wisdom and common sense of other ages and other places to bear upon the problems of our own living and thinking."

- 'The Seven Sacraments and Psychotherapy, November 9, 1958

In this lecture, Mr. Hall suggests that the ancient religious festivals had a profound psychotherapeutic benefit for the people who participated in them. He goes on to say that most of these public rituals have been lost, and along with them, humankind's connection to nature and spirit has been weakened. Finally, he offers that cultivating genuine gratitude and a kindly attitude toward life can be the answer to the problems in our lives today.

This previously unreleased lecture is now available for the first time since it was recorded over 60 years ago. The recording quality is quite good and the content is just as vital - if not more so - now.

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Manly P. Hall
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