Manly P. Hall: Be your own Psychotherapist


"Be Your Own Psychotherapist" was recorded live on Sunday, April 1, 1984 by Manly P. Hall.
Hall stresses the importance of self reflection and development of your own inner life. Many relevant statements are made, including his thoughts of computers and information media.

The CC subtitles reflect the official transcript which was made in 1984 and was personally edited by Mr. Hall for publication "Lecture Note 325", which is out of print. Very few corrections are made from the original, mainly small adjustments for clarity. Also, the story about the drunk driver was omitted. Therefore, they may not exactly line up with the audio of his voice, but we felt it was more important that the subtitles match Manly Hall's corrections.

MPH 840401 Be your own Psychotherapist
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Manly P. Hall
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