Manly P. Hall: Buddhism as Psychotherapy *Remastered Audio*

In 1964, Manly Hall published his book, "Buddhism and Psychotherapy" and this lecture from 1958 is the inspiration behind it. Here, he draws the parallels between Buddhist thought and Psychological practice. And, as is so often the case, Mr. Hall presents the need for the individual to be fully involved in their own recovery and mental health - not just expecting a therapist or a pill to do it for them.

18:08 "Within the last 10 years, Western, modern psychologists and psychiatrists have begun to recognize that perhaps they are more indebted to Buddha for the principles of psychology and psychoanalysis, then they are indebted to Freud, Adler and Jung."

This lecture is over 60 years old and rings just as true today as it did then. We at the Society feel that his words are timeless and can be applied to solving the personal and collective challenges facing humankind today.

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Manly P. Hall
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