Manly P. Hall: Migrations of the Human Spirit

This is one of the last series of lectures given by Mr. Hall, and will likely be one of the last uploads from the Manly Hall Society.
* Update *
There are very few 'new' or previously unreleased audio lectures in our archives that have yet to be restored. About 10-15 failed to meet the standards, so they will not be uploaded due to marginal quality, but will be available upon request. We are also going through our earlier uploads and have found that many could be re-mastered for even better quality. (our tools and techniques have improved in the last couple years)
So, there will be more uploads in the near future, but many will be remasters of existing lectures. Even if you've heard them before, they are worth a second listen, especially with better quality audio.
There is much more work to be done, including documentaries, 'lecture notes' and study guides, classes and print materials...all yet to come, with your continued support, which we do appreciate.

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Manly P. Hall
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