The Psychological Symbolism of Humor - Manly P. Hall

"In pressureful times like ours, a sense of humor can indeed be a saving grace."
Although spoken over 60 years ago, these words are just as true today, and perhaps more than ever.

[In context with 1958 global history, his mention of the 'crisis in the near East' may refer to the formation of the United Arab Republic and the aftermath. Also, NASA was formed and put up the first successful satellite from the United States, Explorer, into orbit. Rock and roll was in full swing, Elvis got drafted into the Army, and the Cold War brought an ongoing uncertainty about atomic bombs and possible conflict with the USSR.]

Humor is especially necessary when things are get very serious - especially within ourselves. In these uncertain times, a light-heartedness and sunny disposition can be healing and empowering. Mr. Hall goes on to discuss many aspects of humor, and contrasts it with insults, ridicule and mean-spiritedness.

Manly P. Hall suggest that, above all, we realize the foolishness of our own seriousness.

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Manly P. Hall
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